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Connect API Activation On first data usage

· 3 min read
Stanislav Slavkov

We're thrilled to announce the rollout of a new feature on our Connect API, revolutionizing the way data plans are activated. This innovative method triggers a plan activation automatically upon first usage, aiming to greatly enhance customer experiences for our partners and unlock the full potential of our 1Global API offering.

Previously, it was only possible to manually set activation dates for each data plan order, leading to unnecessary complexities in managing activations across various systems. This old approach lacked any real benefits for end customers, who were limited to choosing from pre-defined options or had to predict their future needs.

Effective immediately, ConnectAPI users can opt for the 'first usage activation' feature when initiating data plan orders. This means plans will activate seamlessly upon the customer's arrival at their destination and their first data usage attempt, eliminating any additional steps. Customers now have the flexibility to purchase plans in advance, free from the constraints of selecting specific timeframes or worrying about unused plan duration.


How can I create plans that activate on first usage?

On every subscription order, the requester can set the parameter is_first_usage_activation = true and leave the parameters activation_date and expiration_date unset.

The order will be created with the status "PENDING_USAGE". This status can be used on the partners' UI to inform the customer about the purchase and pending status.

When the customer performs the first data usage at the destination, the plan status will become "ACTIVE" automatically, which can be retrieved by order details.

How to test this capability?

Use the test credentials to perform orders on the testing environment as described in the API documentation.

What if I need more time to onboard and adjust my UI?

The existing capability works in tandem with pre-existing activation methods, if is_first_usage_activation parameter is not sent, and both activation date + expiration dates are sent, the order will be created and activated as before.

Nevertheless, we encourage our partners to move their implementation to start using the first usage activation and leverage its capabilities to sell plans before the customer travels.

What happens if the customer purchases a plan while being at the destination?

The plan will be activated immediately, as expected. The same applies to regional plans.

How long can a sold plan remain Pending? Can I create orders with different expiration date for each order?

This configuration can be provided in "expiration_date" field during order submission.

What if First-Usage activation is not available to me?

Please contact 1Global support.