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New Subscriptions Endpoint and Other Improvements

· One min read
Nuno Coração
Tiago Lameiras

This release comes with three new features. Firstly, monthly plans are now supported on Connect. Secondly, it is possible to create subscriptions with a customised expiry date. To do this, when the order is being created, the expiration_date must be provided in the order body. Finally, a new endpoint for expiring active subscriptions has been added.

What's New?

  • Support Monthly plans
  • Added the expiration_date, as an optional request parameter, in the create order endpoint to customise the subscription expiry date.
  • New endpoint to expire subscriptions.


  • Monthly plans can be identified by the duration_unit field which is returned by the product endpoints.
  • The expiration_date cannot be longer than the duration of the selected plan and that making it shorter will not change any other plan settings, such as price or data allowance.