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Push Install feature

· 2 min read
Nuno Coração

This release comes with one big new feature called Push Install. This adds a new profile installation method to our platform which doesn’t require a QRCode nor direct LPA integration with our SDKs. The way it works is that when ordering a new profile you can specify the EID of the target device, with this information Connect is able to send a push notification to the that same device that triggers the profile installation process for the user. At the moment this will only be supported for iOS devices, but we are working on adding support for Android in the future.

What's New?

  • Support for push install via create order endpoint.
  • New logic added to the create order endpoint to verify if the EID provided is valid.
  • New endpoint to update the EID of a specific SIM/iccid. This endpoint should only be used in case the user intends to move an eSIM profile to a different device.

What's Fixed or Improved?

  • The lpa_url field is now returned by the get SIM profile details endpoint.
  • The lpa_url field is now returned by the get order details endpoint for all completed activation orders ("NEW _ESIM").


  • To activate the Push Install feature, simply pass the EID of your device into the request body.