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1GLOBAL provides a Production and a Pre-Production environment for the Connect API. Usage examples will work for all environments, and it will be possible to install profiles and test connectivity on end devices. Both environments are not to be submitted to any kind of automated behaviour including automated tests.

Note: Both environments have a rate limit of 500 requests per minute.


Base URL:

The main environment. Should only be used for live traffic. Releases on this environment happen on a scheduled basis and will be communicated to partners.


Base URL:

The Pre-Production environment has production grade support and throughput, but the data will not be shared with the production environment. The main goal is to allow App developers to develop and test integration against the Connect API, as well as to execute connectivity tests. A few considerations to have when using Pre-Production:

  • SIM, Subscription and Customer Data is isolated from Production
  • The product catalogues are shared between Production and Pre-Production
  • Resources are Recycled in order to optimise usage and reduce storage needs of the environment. As such, every day at 4am GMT the system will clean all resources which have not been used for 24 hours.